Quality Equipped

Party DJs Entertainment is equipped with top quality equipment. Offering better quality and better sound for your event!

Wide music selection

A music library of over 50,000 songs ranging from oldies to current music in any music genre requested.

A Party to Remember

Party DJs Entertainment will bring the party to you with a smile and will cater to any music needs for your special event!

Providing Disc Jockey services for your special event in New York City and the Tri-State area, with over 27 years of experience.  With all types of music to please every guest, no one will be disappointed.  Your guests will dance the night away with a top of the line sound system.  Your event will be memorable without breaking your budget.


DJ system consists of:

  • QSC K-Series Active Speakers, providing over 100 W continuous class D power.
  • American DJ lighting truss which contains various Par Cans, Scanners, Effects, and Televisions.
  • Shure ULXP4 and ULXS4 professional UHF wireless microphone system.
  • Multiple Apple Macbook Pro’s, which run professional grade DJ, Karaoke, Lighting and Video applications.
  • Professional grade wires and cables.

The DJ System is professionally installed with scrims and façade to coneal all wirings for a quality appearance.  The appearance and sound will be aesthetically pleasing for the most demanding individuals.

With over 27 years of Disc Jockey experience, Party DJs Entertainment can make your next event fun and memorable.  We look foward to assisting with the preparation for your next spectacular event!


Party DJs Entertainment offers different packages, click tabs below to view:

Ideal for up to 50 guests

  • DJ Set Top
  • 1 Speaker
  • 1 Wired Microphone

Ideal for 50 to 100 guests

  • DJ Set Top
  • 2 Speakers
  • 1 Wired Microphone

Ideal for 100 to 200 guests

  • DJ Set Top
  • 2 Speaker
  • 1 Subwoofer
  • 1 Wireless Microphone

Ideal for 200 to 300 guests

  • DJ Set Top
  • 2 Speakers
  • 2 Subwoofers
  • 2 Wireless Microphones

Ideal for 300 or more guests

  • DJ Set Top
  • 4 Speakers
  • 2 Subwoofers
  • 2 Wireless Microphones

Karaoke Packages

Additional Options
One (1) Video Monitor $150
Karaoke Add-On $75
DJ Booth Up Lighting $50
Room Up Lighting Varies
Par Lighting (4x) $50
Effect Lighting $75
Haze Machine $150
Bubble Machine $150
Monogram Light $150
Computerized Light $100
Additional Time $75/hour


See photos from various events
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